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We provide valuations for all purposes including buying, selling, renting, insurance, probate/HT, capital gains, mortgage, compulsory purchase and compensation. However a valuation is not a report on the condition of a property, as it provides only brief details based on a limited inspection. Therefore it does not supply enough detailed information on which to base a decision to purchase or lease a property. For this you will need a Building Survey, or a HomeSurvey/Homebuyers report (see below).

Building Surveys

This is the most comprehensive and in depth report on any residential or commercial property. Your survey will be tailored to your requirements. It is an investigation and assessment of the construction and condition of a building, in as much depth as is possible without damaging the building or contents. It can include specialist reports (services, drains, etc.). The report will include guidance on maintenance and remedial works and often a detailed comment on individual defects. A building survey is essential when buying any property or leasing commercial premises.

HomeSurvey and HomeBuyers Reports

These are the most basic form of survey for residential property, based on common formats drawn up by the Independent Surveyors Association and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors respectively. These reports are suitable for most purpose-built properties constructed since 1918, which have not been converted or subject to major extensions. If there have been material extensions or conversions, we strongly recommend a tailor-made building survey.

Party Walls

Anyone planning to carry out any building work close to or adjoining a neighbouring property may need to comply with the Party Wall Etc Act 1996. Whether you are a building owner wishing to carry out work or an adjoining owner, it is important to take early advice. Checking with us whether this effects you costs nothing, and could save you a lot of time, effort and money.

Party Wall Awards are often needed for loft conversions, extensions, removal of chimney breasts etc. Costs are usually the responsibility of the party carrying out the works. If normally includes a schedule of the condition of the neighbouring property, which will help resolve any disputes resulting from the work

Building Defects and Subsidence

We have specialists who can advise on any repairs that your property may need.

If you suspect your building may be suffering from subsidence it is important to know and to remove the cause before starting any repairs. We would advise contacting us before your insurers, to ensure that the work is done to the best standard and therefore help to maintain the value of your property

Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals

We have a wealth of experience in agreeing new rents for all business premises - shops, offices, industrial/warehouse premises etc. We will always seek to find a fair solution but in the event of no agreement being reached we can also provide expert representation to an independent expert, arbitrator or Court.

We also provide a specialist service for Doctors and Dentists surgeries.


If you think your rateable value has been set too high, call us for advice. Our fees in this area are largely success-related.


We can act for landlord or tenant in preparing and settling Schedules of Dilapidation. Professional advice obtained well before your lease expires or if the property suffers from defects during the lease term can save you time, stress and money.

Litigation Support: Negligence Advice and Expert Witnesses

For over 25 years our surveyors have been assisting Clients with claims and disputes, including those with professionals who may have been negligant in connection with property matters. Every case is different and we have the experience to advise both Claimant and Defendants. Given the complexities of many of these issues we will always offer an initial discussion to consider the options in a pragmatic matter. In most cases this initial discussion is free of charge.

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